The Caswell Beach Turtle Watch is a private non-profit program staffed by volunteers. These volunteers are supervised by program members who hold permits from the NC Wildlife Resources Commission. The purpose of the Caswell Beach Turtle Watch is to protect the threatened and endangered sea turtles that lay their eggs on Caswell Beach. Loggerhead turtles (Careta careta) are the most common sea turtle species to visit our beach and they nest from mid-May until mid-August.

Like us on Facebook. has created the Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring System as a data management network to help organizations distributed around the world to collect and store data in a standardized format for real-time comparison and monitoring of all participating nesting beaches. The system has been designed in cooperation with sea turtle coordinators in South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia. Caswell Beach is part of the Nest Monitoring System and by clicking here you can go the nest monitoring site for Caswell Beach.

You can also “Adopt-A-Nest“. Your $25 adoption helps support the Caswell Beach nest monitoring activities.  To adopt a nest, send an email request to  You will then be contacted by a member of our team to complete the process.