About Us

Caswell Beach Turtle Watch is a private, non-profit, volunteer program devoted to the preservation of the turtles that nest on Caswell Beach and a small portion of Yaupon Beach, extending from the Caswell Beach line to the Yaupon Pier.

The program is staffed with approximately 40 dedicated volunteers who ride the beach in the morning from May through September, and sit by in the evening watching for the hatchlings to emerge from the nests.

To help defray costs of gasoline and supplies to protect the nests from predators, Caswell Beach Turtle Watch sells T-Shirts, Ball Caps, and plush turtle toys at the Caswell Beach Town Hall. Please stop by and purchase one of these wonderful souvenirs.

If you would like to make a donation you can send your check made out to “Caswell Beach Turtle Watch” to Caswell Beach Turtle Watch, PO Box 201, Oak Island, North Carolina 28465.