Nest #36 hatched – August 26, 2016

Morning events:

Nest #36 hatched during the night sometime before high tide at 48 days.
Inventory Sunday.
Nest #34 had one more emerge.
Nest #39 has a hole and no green.
Nest #41 has a little crack and started sinking and Nest #43 has the outline of the hole. Both of these were relocated nests.

Last night:

Nest #31 had one more hatchling emerge around 7:30
Nest #32 inventory results: 90 shells, 2 unhatched, 1 spacer and 1 live
Nest #33 inventory results: 115 shells, 2 unhatched, 2 pipped dead and 4 live hatchlings

Be sure to check your upcoming nests. Green has been delivered up to #43
but if you get to your nest and see you need more green or tools just let me know.

Nest #31 hatched last night – August 25, 2016

Nest 31 hatched during the night. There were lots of tracks down to the high tide line.  Inventory Saturday.

3 inventories last night:

Nest 28: 110 shells, 6 pipped and 1 unhatched

Nest 29: 113 shells, 15 unhatched, 10 pipped, 6 dead and 5 live

Nest 34: 97 shells, 10 unhatched, 6 pipped, 4 live. 7 pipped live were returned to the nest per NCWRC guidelines.   This nest was relocated and first emergence was 44 days.  Looked like 4 more tracks this morning.

Nest #32 & 33 hatched – August 23, 2016

Exciting news for Skip & Barb’s team 5. Nest #32 hatched during the night
with lots of tracks. They accepted the challenge of greening a nest with no
cage. They went by pictures sent to me from a couple of tourist and marked the nest. I’m attaching a picture. Thanks for hanging with me on this one…even though I felt like maybe I had 3 heads. Inventory Thursday. We did locate the nest, watched one hatchling to the water, and put a cage over the nest.

Nest #33 hatched last night too around 8:30 with 104 hatchlings. Team 1
finished with them just in time to see 2 more emerge from nest #34.

Nest 30 had an indent again last night but no hatchlings

Morning patrol:

#35 had a crevice and crab tracks…probably all crab activity
#32 was wonderful
#36 had crab activity
#30 a little crevice
#34 had about 4 turtle tracks and a dead hatchling on top. We fought with the crab today.
#29 had a few tracks
#28 had 1 more emerge

Picture from hatching at nest #32
Picture from hatching at nest #32

Nest 29 & 34 hatched – August 20, 2016

Nest 29 had a couple of hatchlings emerge during the night. We are calling it first emergence and counting 5 days.
Nest 34 had 38 hatchlings emerge last night at just 44 days. We are starting a 5 day count on this nest as well.  44 days is just so early!!
Thursday nights inventory of nest 27 results:
12 unhatched, 3 pipped, 4 live, 91 shells

Interesting activity today – August 19, 2016

Nest 29 had a slight crevice.

Nest 31 had the outline of the hole.  Team JaLu, otherwise known as Lucy and Janet, is the only currently active nest west of the public parking. Nest 34 had a huge crab that had made hay day in the sand.  He dug all over but morning patrol took him away.

It’s been an interesting couple of days for Jamie around the eastern point. Yesterday, hatchling tracks were all across the sand.  She located the nest but a fox or coyote had dug in it.  She retrieved 2 live hatchling and watched them to the water.  Yesterday evening we went back with her to either protect or inventory.  The nest had fully hatched and inventory results for Nest #56:  105 shells, 3 pipped dead, 6 unhatched, 1 dead and 1 live.

Today, animals uncovered another unmarked nest out there.  Inventory results for Nest #57: 110 shells, no dead or alive hatchlings.

So much of the beach has eroded around the end and there were many days that the tide was too high to drive around.  Tom Adams walked at the beginning of the season and then after the 4th of July, Jamie started walking but we had several weeks that we just did not patrol.