Wednesday, June20

WOW!  4 nests today and 1 false crawl

  • Nest #17, 34” crawl, relocated 93 eggs to the east end
  • Nest #18, 40” crawl, relocated 133 eggs to the east end
  • Nest # 19, 35” crawl, relocated 75 eggs to the east end
  • Nest #20, 37” crawl, turtle crossed the pipe and went high in the dune so we have a nest east of the public parking.  She actually had a little trouble finding her way back across the pipe but did on her own.

False crawl was west of the lighthouse, 39” and crossed the pipe.

Tuesday, June 19

3 false crawls today and nest #16.


Nest #16 was laid on the east end in the escarpment so was relocated to west of the Baptist walkover.  36” crawl and 120 eggs.


The false crawls were most interesting.

42” crawl near Mercer St.  She was seen going back into the water and was huge.

Unmeasured crawl across the sand dike built at the waters edge by dredgers.  She followed along to the pipe’s end and went back into the water.

36” crawl to the pipe and across the pipe on a sand bridge.  She crawled about 50 ft then back across the same bridge back to the water.

Monday, June 11

2 false crawls during the night, 37” and 39”.

Do you know how to stop 5 bulldozers in the middle of the night?  Have a loggerhead sea turtle come to shore.  Night patrol stopped the equipment when she was spotted.  Lights out and everybody waited quietly but she walked along the pipe and returned to the ocean