Whew! What a Monday!

2 false crawls near the baptist pier. Turtles never come in out there but these 2 did and looked all over for the perfect spot. One 35″ crawl and one 38″ crawl.

Nest #15 is located near marker 79. 35″ crawl. We moved 120 eggs out of the dunes.
Nest #16 had a 34″crawl and we relocated 125 eggs to marker 57.1.
Nest #17 is located east of Trott St. and had a 41″ crawl.

Sunday, June 7th

We had nest #14 from a 36” crawl close to the dunes at Marker 60.8


Also a 38” false crawl at Marker 55.  She had crawled high up in the dune and checked out a couple of places but didn’t lay and had a very long crawl back to the water.


4 Nests this morning!

#6 at Marker 67.5 with a 38” crawl

#7 at Marker 75.5 with a 36” crawl

#8 at Marker 77.2 (east of Villas) with a 36” crawl

#9 west of McGlamery St. with a 33” crawl.  The top eggs in the nest were a full arms length down.


2 Nests today!

Both nests are located at marker 62. Nest #3 had a 36 inch crawl and nest #4 had a 35 in crawl. Their paths did cross and they both had to dodge a deep hole in the sand.
Happy Memorial Day!