Last Inventory of the Season, October 5

Nest #58 was inventoried tonight resulting in 49 shells, 63 unhatched, 1 pipped and 2 live hatchlings. The unhatched eggs were very brown again and looked hairy. Maybe it was the wet weather we had. At any rate, we did the best we could.

Sunday is our end of season gathering. Please bring your spouse, significant other or your best friend if you want. It’s not the biggest place in the world but it’s always been big enough for us.

Food is whatever you want to bring. I was thinking finger food/pickups. We will have desserts and drinks. It’s always nice to socialize one more time before we go our separate ways for the winter.

Thank you again for a great year.

Gary and Susan

Wednesday, October 4

Nest #58 has hatched and it looked like a good number of hatchlings.

Nest #57 was inventoried this morning. This nest started with 51 eggs but was invaded by crabs the first few days and were certain that eggs were taken out by them. Inventory results: 13 shells, 35 unhatched and 2 live hatchlings. Only 48 eggs left in the nest and most of the unhatched were brown and looked like roots were growing out of them.

Sunday, September 24

Nest #55 inventory results: 109 shells, 1 unhatched and 1 pipped.

We have nests #57 & #58 still incubating but don’t expect anything for several more days.

We have called to have the ATV picked up. Thanks again to Duke Energy for providing our transportation for the season. We will be checking the 2 remaining nests on foot.

We did get DNA this week for nests up to #47. I will try to have information about those results at our end of season party. Yes, we are planning to have a gathering in a couple of weeks. More to come.

I will probably only send emails on the days there’s something to report.

Saturday, September 23

Nest #55 inventory Saturday @5:00

Nest #53 inventory results: 47 hatched, 71 unhatched and 1 live hatchling.

We went on a stranded call late yesterday evening in Southport. It was absolutely the biggest loggerhead I’ve ever seen. Injuries indicated probably a boat strike and we are hoping this mornings high tide is really high.