Nest #49, Thursday July 13

Nest #49 was relocated from the east point to west of the lifeguard stand. She had a 32″ crawl and we relocated 131 eggs. One egg had a “string” attached…it was a first for us so we sent it off to the DNA lab.

Still nothing at #1, 64 days now. Green was delivered to Nest #3.

Nest #48, Wednesday July 12

2 false crawls east of the public parking area, 39 and 40 inches. Some folks saw her come in, make it all the way to the dune and go back out. The spot just wasn’t the right one I guess. Please if you see a turtle on the beach please watch from a distance without lights. Disturbing a nesting turtle can cause her to abort laying eggs and cause her physical harm.

Nest #48 is located west of Bob Spake and had a 37″ crawl.

Nest #1 is at 63 days and we are diligently waiting. Some of the first years are hanging tight with us and we appreciate it.

Nest #46, Monday July 10

Nest #46- 138 eggs were moved a bit further away from the water. It is east of 601 walkway and her crawl was 42″.

Green was dropped off at nest #2.

Today is day 61 for Nest #1 so it’s definitely closer than it’s ever been. With the rain and storms today, safety first always. We will check it periodically and let you know if there’s any change.

Wednesday, July 5

2 false crawls and a beautiful sunrise – 35″ west of the light house, 38″ public parking lot, yellow in the eastern sky.

Today is the 56th day for nest #1. Gary and I will start sitting tonight around 7:30 and would like for all of the new folks to join us. Please park in the public parking lot and walk east. I know it is a bit of a walk but it is a busy week at the beach and the rental houses are full.