Thursday May 25

Don’t know if you been on the beach the last couple of days but the tides have been really high. Nest #2 overwashed yesterday and today. We had 3 false crawls this morning but no nest. All were 36” crawls. Two were between Bob Spake and Tom Hess walkways, the third was near the 629 walkway.  Here is a picture of one of the false crawls from this morning.


Nest #3 – Monday, May 22

1 nest and 1 false crawl

Nest #3 is located east of 601. 126 eggs were relocated behind the tide line. It had a 40” crawl.

The 42” false crawl was west of 629 and looked so much like a nesting site that we are going to mark it as a Nesting Site and monitor the location.

New Season Starting Soon

The 2017 Turtle Season is almost here!  Beginning May 1st, the Turtle Watch Morning Patrol will search Caswell Beach for any tracks left by a mother turtle who might be laying eggs.  If a nest is discovered, it will be marked and assigned a sequential number, starting with 1.

Hopefully 2017 will continue the trend of increasing number of nests as experienced in the previous 2 years!