Saturday, August 11

It was a busy night for hatchlings.

Nest #15 hatched about 8:30 with 108 hatchlings straight to the water. One more dead hatchling on top of the nest this morning.

Nest #18 boiled around 9:10 with 91 mostly disoriented hatchlings. More tracks this morning and a dead hatchling at a crab hole.

Nest #20 hatched during the night. 51 days. Good thing the team put green down early.

Saturday, August 4

Nest #40! She laid her nest east of the Baptist walkover and had a 33” crawl. There was a 33” false crawl near the lighthouse too.

Nest #9 had 88 hatchlings around 9:00 last night.

Nest #12 had several hatchlings in the runway yesterday afternoon around 4. They came out 1 by 1 until finally at 9:00 decided to boil. 93 or so hatchlings from the nest so far.