Wednesday, July 18

Nest #37 is west of the lighthouse and had a 37” crawl.

Nest #1 had 9 hatchlings emerge last evening, strong and ready for the big swim.
Nest #3 (52 days) had 8 hatchlings emerge, 7 strong ones and 1 not so great. There was a dead hatchling in the runway this morning. Ants are an issue at nest 3.

Wednesday, July 11

Nest #32 is located east of the 200 walkway. She had a 36” crawl and figured she would just go along with the crowd.

Nest #33 was laid at the east point and just barely missed being overwashed. We relocated 119 eggs to center of the public parking. Her crawl was 34”.

Nest #1 is at 57 days but showing no signs.
Nest #2 is at 49 days, has a crack and green.
Nest #3 and #4 are at 45 days and green will be delivered tomorrow.

Saturday, July 7

3 crawls today. 2 false crawls and nest #30. We moved 131 eggs back away from the tide.

Nest #1’s 52nd day was yesterday. It is on the most eastern point at Ft Caswell and is not accessible to the general population. We have 4 volunteers that are employed by Ft Caswell who put green out and will check on the nest along with morning patrol. The nest was over-washed at least 2 days during the first week.