Friday, June 7

2 false crawls and nest #22 today. 

False crawls were close to 629 walkway and public parking. 

Nest #22 is east of the golf course and had a 33” crawl. 

Interesting crawl this morning. Could it be indecision? Or just picking the perfect spot?

Wednesday, June 5

2 false crawls and 2 nests this morning.

Nest #20 was laid out on the point and relocated just west of the Baptist walkover.  Crabs had gotten into the nest and broke 3 of the 144 eggs.  Her crawl was 34”.

Nest #21 is east of the 629 walkway and her crawl was 32”.

The false crawls were 34” and 27” with one on the point and the other near the golf course.

Monday, June 3

Nest #18 is just west of McGlamery St.  She had a 37” crawl.

A false 38” crawl at the east end today.

Our 185 egg clutch was big but the largest clutch in NC was 206 eggs from a nest laid in 2015 at Cape Hatteras.  Still the largest for us at Caswell Beach.

Sunday, June 2

Nest #17 and a false crawl this morning.

The false crawl was on the eastern point and nest #17 is located near the 200 walkway and had a 44” crawl.  We’ve had some big ones this year.

Just so you know, I decided to look at our historical data and this is the most nest we’ve had on this day since we’ve been keeping track (1990).  It could just be an early season but you never know.  When we start sitting, we are going to be busy.

Saturday, June 1

3 more nests today and the turtles really like the 400 block. 

Nest #14 came in first and put hert nest high on the dune while it was still raining but the rain stopped before she left. 

Nest #15 followed beside the first tracks but didn’t go up the dune. Put her nest in the tracks of the first turtle and safe enough. 

Nest #16 is in front of the the villas between the first 2 buildings. 

All nests are insitu.

Friday, May 31

Two more nests today.

Nest #12 was laid on the point and relocated 121 eggs to west of the Baptist walkway.38” crawl. Nest #12 is possibly a green. The tracks are different and only time will tell. 

Nest #13 is at the 100 walkway.  40” crawl, 106 eggs moves above the tide line at the 100 walkway. Morning patrol was lucky enough to get to nest #13 just as the mother turtle was leaving her nest to go back into the ocean.  A visitor had watched her lay the nest.

A 37” false crawl just east of the lighthouse.