Wednesday, July 17

 It was a busy night on Caswell Beach!
Nest #2 had a partial boil of 47 turtles racing to the sea with 98 very respectful observers.
Nest 3 boiled with 83 hatchings at about 12:40. The hole appeared at 10:45. All the hatchlings went straight to the sea.
While waiting at Nest #3, Team 1 had the privilege of watching a Mama Turtle lay her eggs in the 400 Block!  WOW!  Visitors got to see a mama laying and a nest boil in the same night!  Can you believe that!
This morning:Nest #90 was relocated from East of Maritime way.  128 Eggs, 41″ Crawl
Nest #91 was laid safely West of the 300 Block.  36″ Crawl
False Crawl East of Maritime Way.  36″ Crawl

Tuesday, July 16

Nest 88 was relocated from West of the Point to East of the Baptist Lifeguard Stand.  115 eggs, 39″ Crawl
Nest 89 is located near the 400 Block access.  39″ Crawl
False Crawls were 35″ East of Maritime Way and 35″ East of Lighthouse.
Nest #1 Inventory:  78 Shells, 26 Unhatched, 7 Live Hatchlings, slow but sure to the water.

Saturday, July 13

We had hatchlings!!!!  Nest #1 boiled last night around 9:05-ish.  65 hatchlings made it straight to the water with 300-350 onlookers.  Thanks to all of our volunteers that came out to assist, including a group from Oak Island Sea Turtle Protection.  Inventory will be Monday.

2 more nests today.

#83 – 800 block with 38” crawl

#84 – 102 eggs were relocated from the east escarpment to east of the baptist walkway

Friday, July 12

  • Nest #80 is west of the 200 walkway and had a 36” crawl.
  • Nest #81 is in the 800 block. She had a 32″ crawl and we moved 113 eggs back from high tide line.
  • Nest #82 is on the point. Her 35” crawl came in on the river side and exited on the ocean side. It looked like it may have been from yesterday and was in a safe place so remains on the point.

37″ false crawl near nest 37

35″ false crawl at public access

Green was delivered to nests 5, 6 and 7. 
Nest 1 is closer than its ever been to hatching.

Wednesday, July 10

What a morning for morning patrol. Can you believe they didn’t really get wet…even with 3 nests and 3 false crawls. 

#77 moved 113 eggs from east end to east of lighthouse -37” crawl

#78 moved 131 eggs away from tide line west of 429 walkway -37” crawl

#79 Trott St (east of Lazy Turtle) 38”

False crawls were 38” near Maritime Way, 38” west of lighthouse and 28” in front of Caswell Dunes

Tuesday, July 9

Ocean Isle Beach has reported hatchlings!

Nest #76 today.  It’s located near 629 walkway and had a 34” crawl.

4 false crawls:

  • 40” near 423 walkway
  • 34” near Tom Hess
  • 36” near Joe O’Brien
  • 34” near golf course

Green was delivered to nests #3 & #4 this morning. Today is the 56th day for nest #1 so we will be sitting starting tonight if the weather cooperates.  Reminder that we do not go on the beach during lightning.  We messed team #1 up yesterday by not delivering green.  I need to recalculate days on our nest assignment sheet as it does not agree with  I will include green delivery in my daily email.