Tuesday, June 18

 Oh what a morning!  2 new nests, 1 nesting site and 4 false crawls

Both nests were relocated from the east point.  #38 has 111 eggs and was placed east of lifeguard stand, 30” crawl.  #39 has 105 eggs, placed west of the lifeguard stand, 35” crawl.

False crawls were:

30” not too far from where 38 was laid

39” in 400 block

37” in 500 block and bumped into a cabana

38” East of Joe O’Brian

NS1 -nesting site had a 38” crawl.  She dug a hole without eggs then kept going into the escarpment in the east end

Sunday, June 16

2 more nests today!

Nest #34 and #35 are both east of the 500 walkway.  #34 had a 41” crawl and #35 was a 35” crawl.

I took another look at our history.  In the years that we had 60-70 nests, on this day we had 25 or so nests.  10 more nests than our biggest years…wonder what that means. 

Monday, June 10

Nothing Sunday but 2 nests and 1 false crawl today.

Nest #26 is near the 400 walkway and had a 32” crawl.  

Nest #27 west of 600 walkway with a 34” crawl.  She walked forever on the beach. 

False crawl was 34” crawl near nest #27.

The Mewhorter family was on the beach early this morning looking for tracks.  Hannah and Ella have been protecting turtles and adopting nests this week of vacation for years.  They started off filling in holes on the beach Saturday evening when they got here and were so excited to be at the nest when the eggs were located this morning.  Thank you Hannah and Ella.

Saturday, June 8

Three new nests today

#23 was laid at the point and 126 eggs were moved to east of the Baptist walkover. She had a 35″ crawl.

# 24  was a 32″ crawl laid across from the big white house high across from the beach.  She crawled in circles before laying then crawled parallel to the water for about 70 feet before going into the ocean.

#25 was a 36″ crawl across from Caswell Dunes.  She laid her eggs deep