Monday, May 25

An eventful start to Memorial Day.  3 nests today!

Nest #3 was laid and 141 eggs were relocated, 34” crawl.

Nest #4 had a 35” crawl and was moved back to the dunes, 111 eggs.

Nest #5, 36” crawl and 145 eggs moved away from the tide line.

Remember those who sacrificed ultimately ensuring our freedom of choice.  Have a safe and happy Memorial Day.

2020 Turtle Season Is Almost Here

I hope this message finds everyone safe, well and hunkered in.  This could be an interesting year for turtle watching and social distancing.  We will begin morning patrols on Friday, May 1st.  Georgia had their first loggerhead nest yesterday so as history has it, NC should be seeing a crawl in the next couple of weeks.  There’s been lots of cannonball jellies on the beach and the turtles follow them in.

We did have a rather large dead loggerhead near the golf course Monday, April 20 that we buried on the beach and then on Wednesday, April 22, we transported a cold-stunned green to Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital.

After the article in the State Port Pilot, I have gotten several inquiries for new volunteers and as you all know besides morning patrol, the season doesn’t really start for most until July.  I will send emails when there is something to report. 

Stay safe and hoping for a wonderful season.

Gary & Susan