Thursday, September 17

Nothing new today.

Because of the king tides and prediction of heavy rain, we excavated everything that had hatchling evidence.

Inventory results:

Nest 26 @ 80 days: 102 unhatched eggs, 2 shells and 4 pipped eggs

Nest 30 @ 80 days: 8 unhatched eggs and 1 pipped.  (76 eggs destroyed by fox 8/4)

Nest 48: 134 unhatched eggs.  There were tracks around the nest yesterday morning  so there may be a wild nest close by.  The eggs were undeveloped.

Nest 54:  42 unhatched eggs, 27 shells and 6 dead hatchlings. ( 18 eggs destroyed by fox or crabs prior to excavation)

Nest 55: 6 unhatched, 85 shells, 4 pipped, 1 dead and 1 live hatchling. 🙂

Nest 57: 19 unhatched, 96 shells and 2 pipped eggs.  Quite the surprise!

Nest 59:  33 unhatched, 72 shells, 4 pipped, 1 dead and 1 live hatchling

Green was picked up and moved to everything except nest 65.  We did not pick up buckets or tools.  If your stuff is out there and you want to maintain it, try to get it sometime today or tomorrow.  Sometimes we don’t recognize “special” buckets and tools.

12 Remaining nests: 44(day66), 45(65), 47(65), 51(61), 52(60), 56(57), 60(52) through 65(26)

Wednesday, September 16

Nest 54 had 3 more hatchlings emerge yesterday evening and 1 more during the night.

Nest 44 had a dog or animal dig into the nest again and still didn’t find any eggs.

Nest 47 had 2 crab holes and dog tracks all around

Nest 59 hatched during the night.  It was a nest marked by a resident and we missed the spot by 2 feet.  All the tracks were outside the green and 3 dead hatchlings succumbed to crabs.

Nest 48 hatched during the night.

Nest 57 had 1 hatchling last evening.

Nest 55 had 1 hatchling emerge and now we know where the nest is!!!!!

Monday, September 14

Nothing new.  The tide has been super high and green has washed at nearly every nest.  Morning patrol pulled it back but it needs attention.

Inventory results for nest 49: 7 shells, 113 unhatched eggs, 3 pipped and 6 dead hatchlings

I believe we have the best, most dedicated team of volunteers in the world.  You have hung in there through the thick and thin this year for sure.  We are on the home stretch with 18 nests still incubating.  Of those 18 nests, nests 26 and 30 are nearing 80 days and there are several more that are looking pretty doubtful.  Nest 55 was never located but is in an area between 2 nests that did produce hatchlings, so reasoning would think it possible for that nest.