Sunday, September, 6

Crab holes in 44 & 47.

Season so far:

66 nests, 46 false crawls

7 nests still not located after Isaias

23 nests incubating (includes 18, 22, 25, 26 and 30)

Inventoried nests:

4 nests produced 0 hatchlings (15, 16, 17 and 24)

Estimated eggs to date: 6354

Estimated emerged hatchlings: 2295

Flies on the beach last night: > 1,000,000,000

Hang in there!  We are doing great given all the adversities. 

Tuesday, September 1

Nests 41 and 43 hatched during the night with lots of hatchling tracks. 

Nest 42 had more tracks and a big crab hole.

Nest 54 was located by a fox and 8 eggs were destroyed.

Nest 38 at the east end was lost but lots of hatchling tracks to the water and the eggs were dug up by a fox.  Inventory results: 78 shells, looked like 2 were probably unhatched but broken.

Nest 31, 41 and 42 all had crab holes.

Monday, August 31

Can you believe it’s going to be SEPTEMBER!  Honestly, if 2020 being over will take the craziness away, I’m ready.

Crab holes in 40, 35, and 41. 

Crab brought an egg with hatchling to the surface at nest 41. 

Nest 42 hatched during the night with lots of tracks, day 50.

We have put green at everything up to nest 49, I think.  If you get to your nest and need more just let me know.

Inventory results:

Nest 33: 22 shells and 80 unhatched eggs

Nest 34: 63 shells, 16 unhatched eggs, 2 pipped live and 3 live hatchlings

Sunday, August 30

WOW!  What a storm!  It was short and fierce. If you have green out and haven’t been out yet, you might want to take a shovel with you. The greens are full of sand.

Nest 35 hatched during the night and apparently 1 little guy later than the rest. It’s track went waaaayyyy down the beach before it turned to the water.

Inventory results:
Nest 66: 50 shells, 49 unhatched and 4 pipped
Nest 36: 87 shells, 34 unhatched, 1 pipped and 1 live hatchling
Nest 17:  8 pipped and 74 unhatched

Saturday, August 29

Nests 39 and 66 both had one hatchling during the evening.

Nests 34 and 66 had one hatchling during the night. 

Nest 31 had animal tracks in the runway, a shallow dig into the nest and 1 hatchling track.

Inventory results for nest 16: 2 shells, 113 unhatched, 27 pipped and 2 dead hatchlings. 

Inventory results for nest 39: 89 shells, 8 unhatched, 5 pipped, 1 dead and 2 live hatchlings