Sunday, May 30

Joy, Kathleen and Wanda worked hard to find the eggs today!   We had 2 new nests and one false crawl.

The False Crawl was located east of  Fort Caswell’s Maritime Way Access.  Mama climbed up the escarpment, dug a hole, left no eggs and didn’t cover the hole. Crawl width:  89 cm/35″

Nest 9 Crawl width:  95cm/37″. 143 Eggs relocated above the high tide line

Nest 10 Crawl width:  67 cm/26″  (SHE WAS SMALL!). 126 Eggs relocated above the high tide line.

Last year Nest 8 was laid on May 29th and Nest 9 was laid on May 31st, so we are a little ahead of those stats even with our late start!

Thursday, May 27

We had 3 new nests today and 2 false crawls!  The false crawls had the same crawl width as the Nest 2 Mama and were just east and west of Nest 2.

 Nest 2 ~ She worked hard for this one! Crawl width:  86 cm/34 inches in a safe location, Eggs In Situ. The false crawls were attempted where the beach has a very steep mid beach escarpment.

Nest 3 – Crawl width:  80 cm/32 inches, 63 Eggs were relocated above the high tide line. I was called out for this one at 2:45am.  She dropped 2 eggs mid-crawl on her way back to the ocean.  Crabs got into one of them. 

Nest 4 – Crawl width:  93 cm/36.5 inches, 136 Eggs were relocated above the high tide line. 6 Eggs were damaged by Ghost Crabs so one of those was used for DNA.

We had some very nice and excited visitors who were happy to see the tracks and hear about the process!

Saturday, May 1

Happy First Day of Nesting Season!!!
No turtle activity today, but it won’t be long!  From now on we will not email the Morning Patrol report unless there is activity. We picked up some trash and put out a still smoldering bonfire. The King tides this week did cause some mid-beach escarpment ledges in a few areas.

FYI:  4 of our Morning Patrol will be assisting Oak Island in the night patrolling of Oak Island’s Dredge/Nourishment Project.  The project was extended until May 15th at this time.  We had experience with this in 2018 and are happy to help out our neighbors!  Let’s all hope and pray the turtles are safe during this time.

Wednesday we had a large dead Loggerhead at the East Point.  It had been cut in half from head to tail.  We were of course worried that it had been dredge related, but our state biologist said it looked like a large boat or ship strike.