Monday, July 8

We had a 32” false crawl this morning on the point.

We relocated Nest #57 this morning.  I sent pictures and texted with Matthew Godfrey yesterday and he agreed that it would be better to relocate than let it roll into the ocean.  This morning, it had been overwashed and was only 2 inches from exposure in the escarpment.  Moving a nest at 10 days incubation is not healthy for the eggs but better than losing them totally.  I counted 137 eggs and sure that 8 of those were unfertilized.  They were moved close to the dune just west of the 200 walkway.

Sunday, July 7

2 more nests and 2 false crawls today, all on the east end.

#74 has 129 eggs and was moved from the east end to near 200. 34” crawl

#75 has 114 eggs and was moved away from the tide line -37” crawl

Oak Island set a new record today, 117!  YAY for them.  I believe the most we’ve had was 108 in 1994 and at the current rate, we could be looking at a record year too.  They are everywhere!

Wednesday, July 3

2 nests and 7 false crawls.  The crawls were a small turtle, 26” -28” and a 32” crawl, all east of the parking lot.  Folks were out cleaning up fireworks residue this morning.
Nest #66 is west of the 423 walkway and had a 36” crawlNest #67 is west of the public parking area and had a 40” crawl
Think positive thoughts for our nests during the high tides the next couple of evenings.

Monday, July 1

2 nest and 1 false crawl today.

Nest #64 was laid in the tide line at the last house on CBR.  We relocated 118 to the dune; 2 were broken in the nest and 36” crawl.

Nest #65 is located just west of the first house on CBR and had a 33” crawl.

The false crawl was east of the lifeguard stand and was only 29”

The tide was high last evening and will increase, being the highest on Wednesday and Thursday.  We were close on some and will most likely have some overwashed this week.  Today’s nest was laid inches from the tide line.

Nest count around us as of this email:

  • Bald Head -100
  • Caswell Beach -65
  • Oak Island -92
  • Holden Beach -64
  • Entire NC -1237