Nest #41

Another wet ride!  We had a 36” false crawl at Marker 56.8 and Nest #41 from a 36” crawl at marker 52.  She laid in the escarpment at the Baptists and took out our marker sign on her way back to the ocean.  We moved 122 eggs to Marker 55.3.

Nests #38 & #39

A 40” false crawl at marker 50. A 36” crawl gave us nest #38 at marker #53.5. 104 eggs were relocated to marker 55.3 above the HTL. A 42” crawl gave us nest #39 at marker 65.2. The turtle tangled with two cabanas  and still managed to lay her eggs. It was a good thing she was such a large turtle, I don’t think a smaller one would have made it.

Nest #37

A 42” false crawl at marker # 57.9. A 39” crawl approx. 200 yards east of oak island pier in Yaupon  gave us nest # 37. We relocated 60 eggs and some spacers above the HTL.

Nest #36

We had a false crawl of 34” at Marker 67 and Nest #36 with a 34” crawl at Marker 53.5.  This nest was in the dunes at the Baptists and 131 eggs were relocated to Marker 52.1.