Nest #12 & #13 Inventoried

Two very wet inventories produced the following: Nest #12 – 91 shells, 10 unhatched eggs and 3 dead hatchlings (due to ghost crabs). Nest #13 – 94 shells, 11 unhatched eggs, 3 dead and 8 live hatchlings. Thanks to all the volunteers who braved the storm to get this done.

Nest #13 Hatched

Nest #13 hatched last night around midnight with approximately 60 turtles making it to the water.  This meant that the two nests laid on the same day hatched on the same day (Nest #12 during the day & Nest #13 last night).

Nest #12 Hatched

Nest #12 had a hole this morning.  We waited to see if anything happened but there was no movement.  We covered it up so hopefully it will hatch tonight.  As it’s so cool and overcast they might come out during the day so we’ll be checking it often.

We checked the nest at noon and a couple of heads and flippers were out.  We decided to wait until it hatched, which it just did at 3:00 pm.  A perfect boil resulted in about 86 hatchlings being in the water by 3:05 pm despite the bright sunshine.