Nest #4 Hatches

Nest # 4 hatched last evening about 7:45 in the rain.  Team 3 got to watch 91 hatchlings emerge and make their way to the ocean.   Inventory for Nest #4 will be Tuesday evening at 7:00

Nest #3 Inventoried

Nest #3 was inventoried last night due to indicators that things were not as they should be.  We found 86 shells, 58 unhatched eggs, 1 spacer egg, 3 dead, 1 pipped and 2 live hatchlings. During our watch, we saw 7 hatchlings make it into the water.  The other 79 must have come out during the rain.

5 Hatchlings from Nest #3

Nest #3 had 4 hatchlings make their way to the water about 11:30 last night just after the rain had stopped.  Several vacationers and team members anxiously awaited a boil but it was not to be.  Morning patrol arrived just in time to rescue a hatchling being pulled from the nest by a crab.  Inventory for Nest #3 will be Sunday evening at 7:00.