Nest #4 Hatches

Nest # 4 hatched last evening about 7:45 in the rain.  Team 3 got to watch 91 hatchlings emerge and make their way to the ocean.   Inventory for Nest #4 will be Tuesday evening at 7:00

Nest #3 Inventoried

Nest #3 was inventoried last night due to indicators that things were not as they should be.  We found 86 shells, 58 unhatched eggs, 1 spacer egg, 3 dead, 1 pipped and 2 live hatchlings. During our watch, we saw 7 hatchlings make it into the water.  The other 79 must have come out during the rain.

5 Hatchlings from Nest #3

Nest #3 had 4 hatchlings make their way to the water about 11:30 last night just after the rain had stopped.  Several vacationers and team members anxiously awaited a boil but it was not to be.  Morning patrol arrived just in time to rescue a hatchling being pulled from the nest by a crab.  Inventory for Nest #3 will be Sunday evening at 7:00.

Nest #2 Hatched

Nest #2 hatched early morning, apparently witnessed by some educated tourist.  They had written 94 in the sand but was barely visible after being rained on.  There was one hatchling on the top that we got to watch make its way to the water.  Nest #2 will be inventoried Wednesday at 6:30.

Surprise Friday

We had a wild (undetected) nest #15 this morning.  Tourists had rescued one turtle from a crab and we found a nest just above the tide line. We excavated and found 82 shells, 24 unhatched eggs and 15 live turtles.  Hopefully the other 67 made it to the water.  We assume the nest hatched just before daylight.  We now believe this nest was the false crawl found on May 31st at the same location. Nothing happening with the other nests.  #1, 2 and 3 are all collared.

To the helpful runner who said we had a new crawl at the public access, this was actually people tracks dragging beach equipment.