Nest #5

We had nest #5 today from a 37” crawl at Marker 65.2, close to Nest #2.  We moved 123 eggs back from the high tide line to Marker 65.5.

Nest #3

We had Nest #3 from a 39” crawl at Marker 56.  The top eggs were just under the sand so she probably filled up the hole she dug.

We now have a nest at either end of the beach and one in the middle.  Hope we fill in the spaces in between.

Nest #57

This morning egg shells and 22 dead turtles were found on the beach at Marker 73.9. These had been dug up by ghost crabs and a dog. There were still 59 unhatched eggs which were relocated to Marker 66. This is now Nest #57. The nest was probably laid during the high tides and the tracks were washed out before morning patrol.

Nest #56, a Monday surprise

We had nest #56 from a 30” crawl at Marker 68.5 (Public Parking Lot).  At 3:15 am we got a call from vacationers who saw her come ashore.  By the time Lynda got there she was laying eggs.  She took a long time to cover the eggs and throw sand, which was a shame as this morning we had to move them back from the tide line.  She went back in the water at 4:30 am.  Nest #22 hatched at 55 days with 93 hatchlings.  This was the nest that was moved from the river at Southport.

Nest #54

We had Nest #54 from a 32” crawl at McGlamery Street.  96 eggs were moved back from the high tide line.  Nest #3 hatched last night around 9:30.  Our neighbors and some vacationers watched a large number of hatchlings go into the water.  Apparently a large hole suddenly appeared and there was a boil.  Lucky people.

Nest #53

We just missed seeing the turtle that laid Nest #53 with a 36” crawl at Marker 54.  A lucky couple at the Baptists saw her finish the nest and go back into the ocean.