Nest #10

Nest #10 is located at Mercer Street. She had a 33 inch crawl and we just missed her on morning patrol. A jogger has just seen her going back into the water about 15 minutes before we got there.

Nest #9

We had nest #9 this morning from a 36” crawl in front of the Villas.  Some of the turtles seem to just get to the high tide line before they lay, so we moved 121 eggs back to the base of the dunes.  As this turtle made her turn to go back into the water she hit the leg of a canopy.  Fortunately it didn’t stop her.

Nest #5

We had nest #5 today from a 37” crawl at Marker 65.2, close to Nest #2.  We moved 123 eggs back from the high tide line to Marker 65.5.

Nest #3

We had Nest #3 from a 39” crawl at Marker 56.  The top eggs were just under the sand so she probably filled up the hole she dug.

We now have a nest at either end of the beach and one in the middle.  Hope we fill in the spaces in between.