Nest #32, 4 false crawls & Humans committing a Federal Offense by interferring with a turtle nest.

Despite the fireworks and lots of foot traffic we had 2 nests and 4 false crawls this morning.  False crawls of 37” at Marker 51, 36” at Marker 52.1  and two of 41” at Marker 54 and Marker 58.2. Nest #32 with a 37” crawl was laid in the escarpment at the Baptists (Marker 52.1) and 97 eggs were moved to Marker 55.2.  Nest #33 with a 36” crawl  was laid at Marker 65.5.  Nest #12 cage was pulled out of the ground and bent but we located the eggs and replaced it.  It is not easy to dislodge the cages which are buried several inches down so this is a case of people interfering with a turtle nest – a Federal Offense.

2 false crawls & Nest #31

Two false crawls and one nest this morning. A 30” false crawl at marker 65.8, and a 35” false crawl at marker 71.2. A 30” crawl at marker 76.8 gave us nest  #31 with 103 eggs that we moved above the HTL.

Nest #30

A very wet volunteer found Nest #30 this morning with a 38” crawl at Marker 66.  Conditions are difficult at the moment with the high tide erasing tracks on the wet sand and wind and rain obscuring tracks on the beach.

Windy Saturday & Nest #28

Thought we had two false crawls this morning but one was yesterdays.  The false crawl for today was 36” at marker 60.5 .  We also had a nest from a 36” crawl at marker 52.3 in the Baptist. The mama tried climbing the escarpment several times and then decided to lay a 108 eggs at the base. We relocated 107 eggs at The Baptist steps marker 55.2. This is nest # 28.

3 false crawls & human damage to Nest 9

Three false crawls today.  33” at , Marker 62.3, 32” at Marker 50 and 40” at marker 76.  This last turtle crawled for a long time on the beach before arriving at a six foot deep hole.  She barely skirted the hole and may have laid but her tracks were ruined by dog prints and footprints so we didn’t find any eggs. The cage for Nest #9 had been pulled out of the sand.