Nest #12

We had a false crawl of 36” at marker 66.1.  She came in before high tide and crawled past the trash cans and way into the dunes before turning around without laying.   Nest #12 also a 36” crawl was laid at marker 66.2.  We can assume this was the same turtle.

Nest #9

We had one false crawl of 32” at marker 66 and got soaking wet. As we left the beach we got a call from Southport that two turtles had laid on the River by The Landing. This is unusual but did happen twice two years ago.

We had one nest from a 42” crawl and moved 109 eggs to Marker 66 on our beach. This turtle had climbed into the vegetation and managed to lay a nest in the deep grass. We do not leave nests on the river as they are likely to be inundated by ship’s wakes, also the hatchlings could be swept upriver.  The other tracks were a false crawl of 33”.

Proper Turtle Etiquette

Please remember that  the female turtles coming in to nest are easily spooked and will not lay if they are interfered with.  Keep away from the turtle and observe from a distance.  Also keep dogs under control.  Remember to be as quiet as you can. The recent false crawls suggest that the turtle encountered people on the beach and left only to come back in another area which was more hospitable.

Nest #7 & #8

We had two nests and two false crawls of 34”.  We’re assuming Nest #7 with a 34” crawl is the same turtle.  This was at marker 54.3 (east of Baptists’ walkway.  Nest #8 with a 38” crawl was laid high in the dunes at marker 58 (Studer’s house)   A new morning volunteer found her first eggs which is always exciting.