Nest #9

We had nest #9 this morning from a 36” crawl in front of the Villas.  Some of the turtles seem to just get to the high tide line before they lay, so we moved 121 eggs back to the base of the dunes.  As this turtle made her turn to go back into the water she hit the leg of a canopy.  Fortunately it didn’t stop her.

Nest #3

We had Nest #3 from a 39” crawl at Marker 56.  The top eggs were just under the sand so she probably filled up the hole she dug.

We now have a nest at either end of the beach and one in the middle.  Hope we fill in the spaces in between.

Nest #57

This morning egg shells and 22 dead turtles were found on the beach at Marker 73.9. These had been dug up by ghost crabs and a dog. There were still 59 unhatched eggs which were relocated to Marker 66. This is now Nest #57. The nest was probably laid during the high tides and the tracks were washed out before morning patrol.

Nest #56, a Monday surprise

We had nest #56 from a 30” crawl at Marker 68.5 (Public Parking Lot).  At 3:15 am we got a call from vacationers who saw her come ashore.  By the time Lynda got there she was laying eggs.  She took a long time to cover the eggs and throw sand, which was a shame as this morning we had to move them back from the tide line.  She went back in the water at 4:30 am.  Nest #22 hatched at 55 days with 93 hatchlings.  This was the nest that was moved from the river at Southport.