Tuesday, August 2

LOTS of action to report today!!!

Nest #15 Inventory

  • Live- 0
  • Dead- 0
  • Unhatched- 22
  • Hatched Egg Shells- 92
  • Shredded Pieces- LOTS
  • This was a relocated nest of 152 Eggs, so those shreds were from about 38 eggs.

While this was happening, Nest #89 (the 16 relocated possibly viable eggs from the Wild nest at Southport) started activity.  We had placed it right next to #15 for easy monitoring.  5 hatchlings emerged a bit later!!!

At the SAME time as above, Nest #20 started hatching!  Many beach visitors and families were treated to a dusk boil.  Tim Harrison got some great video!

Just a bit later we got a call about Nest #22 hatching.  Turtle Ambassadors from Greensboro helped get out more green and watched hatchlings for safety!  We were able to help about 46 hatchlings get to the water.  4 more came out a little later and there were more tracks in the runway this morning as well as 3 more hatchlings!

THEN, Nest #23 hatched with 98 hatchlings!  They had several disoriented, but all made it to the water. There was 1 more track in the runway this morning.


This morning was a little quieter.  No new nests and no false crawls.

Nest #12  had 1 hatchling track!!! This is the nest that had an animal dig out 33 eggs and had been overwashed at least once.  

Nest #21 had 1 hatchling on his back in the runway.  Poor guy!  He was released!

Get ready, our evenings are getting busier!!!

Thanks for all you are doing to help our Turtles!


Tim’s Videos:

Pictures of Nest #20 attached

Nest #15 Inventory 

Forgot to mention, Team 8 thought they found a wild nest as they were setting up distance poles!  They did a great job digging it up and sorting the eggs.  Turns out it was an old nest from last year, but it was still exciting!  Thanks for your diligence, Team 8!

Some hatchlings from Nest #87.

This is truly amazing!

Nest #18 Inventory

  • Live- 3
  • Dead- 0
  • Unhatched- 11
  • Hatched Egg Shells- 97

*This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03)