Friday corrections

The false crawl in front of the Villas was actually nest #19. People watched her lay then put a circle of seaweed around the nesting site. To the patrol this looked like a childrens’ play area. Fortunately they called us and we went back out and located the eggs.

For future reference, it is not necessary to mark nests as the patrol volunteers know what to look for and need to “read” the crawl and locate the eggs.

2 crawls but one of the Turtle was disturbed by people

We had two false crawls this morning.  One of 33”at the Baptists Marker 52.9.  She crawled up on the dune, slid down and did some digging but no eggs were found.  The other crawl of 36” was in front of the Beach Villas.  It was obvious she had been harassed from the amount of footprints all over the crawl.  We got a report this morning of a gentleman calling the police to say there were many people crowded around her shining flashlights and she turned and went back into the water.  We cannot stress enough how important it is to stay well away from the turtles and watch in darkness from a distance.

Nest #16

Today we had a 33” false crawl at marker 56.5 and a 40” crawl at marker 65.2 that gave us nest #16.

In yesterday’s report, I neglected to mention that we had a stranding of a Kemps Ridley on Monday. It was freshly dead with a hook in its mouth. It measured 12” x 12” and we buried it on the beach behind the ropes in front of the Villas.

Nest #15

After a rain delay we had a 34” false crawl at marker 53.5 and a 36” crawl that gave us nest #15  with 100 eggs at marker 76.5 that we had to move above the HTL