Thursday, June 10

Nest #21 was laid in a sloughing dune.

  • Crawl width:94cm/37.5″
  • Relocated Eggs:  109

The Kemp’s Ridley Nesting Site was a nest! After viewing the videos on computer screens, we checked a different area of the grid this morning and Wanda was able to find the eggs!  Matthew Godfrey from the State gave us permission to relocate the eggs to a safer location.  There is a narrow ‘window of opportunity’ for moving eggs.  After a certain amount of time the embryo attaches to the inside of the egg shell.  Any jostling or turning upside down can cause the embryo to pull away and the development ceases.  

  • Nest #22 ~ Kemp’s Ridley
  • Crawl width:  55.8cm/22″
  • Relocated Eggs: 91