Hot Temps and a Slow Sea Turtle Nesting Year!

After no activity yesterday, Caswell Beach has 2 interesting sea turtle nests today!

Nest #45 was laid at the tide line on the river beach, not far from the Navigation Tower.  Mama tried very hard to climb higher, but couldn’t.  100 eggs were relocated to a safer location. 

Nest #46 was laid over a low escarpment.  Mama scalloped along the escarpment wall from west to east until she found a spot to get higher.

As our nests start being prepared with green runways, keep in mind the earlier nests will take longer to incubate (60-70+ days). If you see volunteers sitting with a nest, please come by and get updates. We have great informational photo books we can share with you in the daylight. We never know when a nest is going to hatch, but we welcome you sitting with us!

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 24ST03).

Want to help? Please consider donating to our efforts to protect sea turtles at Caswell Beach Turtle Watch Donations.


Sea Turtle Nest #45

Sea Turtle Nest #46

Sea Turtle Nest #2 Greening