Do We Have Summer Solstice Sea Turtle Sisters?

Happy Summer! The NC Sea Turtle Project’s data has shown us that Sea Turtle Mamas returning to Caswell Beach can sometimes be SEA TURTLE SISTERS! We’ve had not only sisters but daughters and granddaughters return to this beach, sometimes mulitple years in a row. Some sea turtle sisters have even laid nests next to each other on the same night! Sea Turtles are amazing creatures! The work that Caswell Beach Turtle Watch does and the information we help gather, such as DNA, has helped us learn so much more.

Today, we were delighted to discover three new nests on our morning patrol. Sea Turtle Nest #24 was way below the tideline and had to be relocated. Relocation is not ideal and we do this only when necessary, but we are challenged with the beach erosion that thas occurred on the east end of the beach.

Sea Turtle Nest #25 and Nest #26 were laid in ideal locations in the dunes and were definitely laid by some big sea turtle mamas! One crawl width was over 110cm in width!

The beach is getting busy as we start to meet more visitors each morning as we patrol. As always, we thank everyone for their kindness and respect for Caswell Beach’s Sea Turtle Sanctuary. We so appreciate your support and donations.

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 24ST03).

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Sea Turtle Nest #24

Sea Turtle Nest #25

Sea Turtle Nest #26