Monday, August 15

Nests #43 & #48 boiled overnight last night at some point after the teams left (of course).  Nest #48 was on Day 49/50 depending on when it hatched.  Team 3 did get to see 1 hatchling emerge at about 8:30 pm.  There were several small groups of visitors who were able to watch it make it’s way to the water!

We inventoried Nest #9 at about 7:30 this morning.

Sadly, it was as we feared.  No eggs had any evidence of development.  All were liquid with yolks. The eggs were also very thin and easily broken when picked up.  It will be interesting to receive the DNA information and know if our Mama is the same Mama as the other nests in NC!  We hope Mama learns what she needs to know about reproduction and comes back to see us in the future!!!

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03).