NCWRC Regulations for Sea Turtle Protection

We recently had some questions about sea turtle programs on our beaches, so we thought we would address them publicly to clear up any misconceptions.

Caswell Beach Turtle Watch is the ONLY group on Caswell Beach permitted by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission for the conservation and protection of the sea turtles that nest and hatch on Caswell Beach.

All of our volunteers follow the guidelines set forth by the NCWRC in their recently updated handbook and recommendations from our State Coordinator.

As per the attached letter, we ARE NOT PERMITTED to share nest locations, hatching events or nest excavations. All sea turtles are listed as Threatened or Endangered and are federally protected. They belong to no one, but deserve our protection and consideration.

We welcome you to sit with us when you see a green runway set up at a nest. This means the nest is in the hatching window. Although we never know when a nest will hatch, we will share all we can about what we do know.

Thank you for your continued interest and support in the turtles on our beach. We will be participating in several educational opportunities that we will advertise on Facebook.

Please call us if you see a nesting mama, 910-368-6323 or later this season if you witness a nest hatching. We can make sure the turtles don’t wander into unsafe areas.

If you have any questions regarding the attached letter, please call our State Coordinator, Dr. Matthew Godfrey or the NCWRC.

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 24ST03).