Tuesday, August 21

1 more hatchling from nest #38 this morning. A visitor had run away a ghost crab and watched the hatchling to the water. He was amazed by how fast something so small could travel.

A child’s bear harness was left by nest #31 inventory. It will be at nest #41 this evening.

Gary and I went to green nest #40 last evening, the 51st day. There were a dozen or so hatchling tracks from the nest and a big hole. I checked the top and there were more waiting. We put the green out and at 8:45 78 more hatchlings made their way to the ocean. Shame on us for waiting a day because it was more convenient. The sunset was beautiful last night.

Inventory results
Nest #34 – 105 shells, 10 unhatched
Nest #31 – 58 shells, 1 pipped, 19 unhatched and 1 spacer

Inventory schedule:
Nest #37 – Tuesday @ 6:00
Nest #38 – Wednesday @ 7:00
Nest #40 – Thursday @ 7:00