Tuesday, July 27

3 more nests hatched last night after the morning emergence of Nest #9 yesterday!
Nest #1 hatched at about 10:00 with 60 hatchlings counted.  8 were very disoriented due to a bright street light behind the nest.  A few volunteers stood behind to try and block the light.  After several attempts at redirecting them, they were placed lower on the runway where they could see the white on the water.  
Nest #7 had a large boil at about 11:00 seen by a visiting family.  They reported it had more hatchlings than Nest #1, but were not able to count them.  They came out fast and all together.  Team 6 hated they missed it!
Nest #12 hatched at about 11:30 with 55 hatchlings making it quickly into the water.
All visitors were helpful and in awe of the experience!  Our volunteers were, too!
The Morning Patrol got out before the rain this morning and reported that no new nests were laid and no other nests hatched during the night.  Nest #58 and maybe #53 had over wash or splash overs.  Nest #70 and Nest # 9 had crab holes.

Monday, July 26

WOW, Oh, WOW! Congratulations to Team 8 on the First Emergence!!

We got a call at about 10;00 am that Nest #9 had a big hole.  It indeed had a large hole.  It appeared that hatchlings probably came out during the first hard rain this morning after Morning Patrol.  Martha, Marianne and I talked with the helpful visitors.  Unfortunately, they found a dead hatchling several feet away from the bottom of the green (ghost crab attack).  The hatchling was Fully developed and did not have a yolk sac, so those babies were ready! Also unfortunately, we have no way of knowing how many came out.  Very Exciting!

While sitting at Nest #1 last night, focused on looking for hatchlings, we just missed a Mama turtle lay her eggs 40 yards west of us! Visitors were leaving and almost ran into it. She was on her way back to the ocean. (Nest #82)

Added bonus, we saw a magnificent shooting star with amazing colors. Almost thought it was fireworks!

Nest #1 did not hatch last night and had no action this morning.
Morning Patrol had 3 nests total.  These Mama’s aren’t making it easy for us to find the eggs!  We need to send them the slideshow from N.C. Wildlife!

  • Nest #82 Crawl Width: 95 cm/37″
  • Nest #83 Crawl Width: 95 cm/37″
  • Nest #84 Crawl Width:. 80cm/32″
  • Nests #58 and #53 has splash overs. Nests #1 and #12 has splashes up runways
  • Nest #12 has a divot
  • TONIGHT SHOULD BE VERY INTERESTING!  I have a feeling this week is going to be like popcorn popping!

Sunday, July 25

Well, it’s been an exciting 24 hours!
Nest #1 developed a divot in the center of the nest yesterday afternoon.  It was impressive by the time 6:30 pm rolled around.  LOTS of visitors stopped by to ask questions and sit for a while.  Between 11:30pm – 12:30 am we called “TIME” and went home.  Morning Patrol reported just a slight indentation this morning, so who knows?

 Also last night after we left Nest #1 we got a message about a Mama nesting in the 600 block.  We messaged back that our Morning Patrol would check it this morning.  They checked and dug and dug and dug.  Called it a False Crawl and then the man messaged that the turtle was there for over an hour.  So they went back and dug, called in reinforcements and dug some more.  It is now marked as a Nesting Site!  We’ll see if something happens in 50-60 days.

No other crawls this morning. Nests 16 and 70 had crab holes
Nesting Site #2 Crawl Width: 33″

Best of luck to all the teams out there tonight and this week!  Jamie

Saturday, July 24

No new nests today and no hatchlings emerged, either.  Come on, babies!  Hoping the Full Moon tonight will get us some action!

Nest #58 and #70 were splashed over again from the King TIde. The tide should start receding on this cycle today.

 Nest #52 and #70 had crab holes and another Nest had lots of ants.

As more of us set up our greens I thought you’d like to see Team 5’s set up with poles and bright pink tape, rather than rope.  We bought some tape and can buy more if your team would like to use it.  Your ropes can be used to extend towards the water if necessary.  Just let us know!  I’m attaching a picture.

Friday, July 23

We have one new nest today and another hole!  This hole looked like it was ready for a coffin to be lowered.  

Nest #81 Crawl Width:  92cm/36″

It is a Full Moon for the next few nights AND a King Tide!  High Tide tonight is at 7:49 pm. The morning high tides are not as high as the evening/night high tides.   Please make sure your runways are above the high tide before you leave your nest each evening.

Nests #58 and #70 had slight overwashes Nest #70 also had a crab hole and the loss of 1 egg

Thursday, July 22

One new nest this morning and one HUGE hole.  We knocked on the door of the house behind the hole.  We kindly let them know that holes that big can be a danger to people walking on the beach at night and our Mama Sea Turtles.  They assured us they would fill it in today.  Let’s keep passing the word to fill in holes!
Nest #80Crawl Width:  35″

Tuesday, July 20

2 new nests and 1 false crawl today!  Theresa was really excited to find the eggs this morning!  Yay, Theresa!

Nest #77 Crawl Width:  34″
Nest #78 Crawl Width:  33″

There have been a few negative posts on Facebook recently made by the unofficial Turtle group.  We as Caswell Beach Turtle Watch are working hard to protect our turtles and nests and to educate the public.  We will continue to be VERY positive in our comments and inclusive of all who wish to sit with us at nests!  We have had some lovely families talking with us in the mornings and at nest greenings.  All have positive things to say about our program.  Try not to get discouraged by the little bit of negative out there.  I will try to heed my own advice!
As to the comments about the deceased loggerhead from last week from this group wondering if it had ingested plastics.  We were in contact with the state about this turtle prior to burial. It was speculated that this was probably a cold stunned turtle from late spring that never recovered.  If it had made it to shore sooner, we could have transported it to the turtle hospital for care.  Evidently, Loggerheads rarely ingest plastics, but Leatherbacks are known for this. The turtle hospitals and aquariums cannot take in all deceased turtles for Necropsies.  They have their hands full working to save the sick and injured turtles in their care.  Unfortunately, we can’t save them all.  We are working on getting some Necropsy Training.
We are all about to get busy in an amazing way!   Enjoy every minute!! Jamie

Monday, July 19

Nest #76 was marked this morning before the rains hit!  We seem to be on a roll with onenest days here lately.

Nest #76 Crawl Width:  68cm/27″  (She was a small one!)

A few nests were able to get greened before or after the storms last night and this morning.  Thanks for being careful out there!