What a morning & night – July 25, 2016

WHOA!!!  What a morning! And night!  2 false crawls east of the Baptist steps before she laid Nest #51.  36″ crawl at marker 55.9. Nest #6 had 84 hatchlings emerge around 9:00 with a great group of spectators.  As they were wrapping things up at nest #6,…. Nest #9 had turtles on top.  They all moved over to watch 76 (best guess) hatchlings wonder up and down the runway and couldn’t decide if misorientation or disorientation was most prevalent but they all eventually got to the water.  As a good team should, checking the nests before leaving, #6 had 5 more hatchlings. Then on down the beach at Nest #7, around 11:45 a few team members and visitors watched 115 turtles emerge and go directly to the ocean in about 15 minutes. Sometime during the night Nest #4 had one hatchling emerge and left a track all the way to the water. Nest #11 has a crevice.

And I forgot to add that Nest 8 had 4 more hatchlings at around 10:00 last night.

Inventory schedule:

Nest #3 tonight @ 6:30
Nest #8 Tuesday @ 7:00
Nest #6 Wednesday @ 6:30
Nest #9 Wednesday @ 7:00
Nest #7 Wednesday @ TBD
Nest #4 is on the 5 day schedule right now

So one more picture of a false crawl from this morning.

Couldn't find the right spot
Couldn’t find the right spot