An Amazing site this morning – July 15, 2016

You just had to be there to really understand….we came across a turtle returning to the water. She would take 3 or 4 steps and rest, lift her head as if to smell and take 3 or 4 more steps. It was awesome. We traced her steps back to look for a nest but she had apparently the gotten lost in the dunes. She traveled forever it seemed over and across, up pathways to houses and finally back out. No wonder she looked so tired trying to get back to the water. As soon as she hit the water, she vanished.

Nest #2 hatched last night, see our previous post and Nest #1 is at 63 days today.

2 new nests and 6 false crawls today. Nest #43 was relocated from the east end to marker 55.1, 36″ crawl, 101 eggs. Nest #44 was relocated to above the high tide line at marker 69.9, 36″ crawl, 123 eggs.

3 false crawls near the tower at the east end 36″ crawl @marker 58, 39″ crawl @marker 68.1, 38″ crawl @marker 73.9

took a while to find the right spot
took a while to find the right spot
Slow progression to the sea
It is slow going to the sea