Be positive – September 3, 2016

We went out early to assess and again with a plan. The beach looked very different this morning but is very populated again now.

Inventoried nests:
37 – 116 shells, 10 unhatched, 4 dead
38 – 107 shells, 10 unhatched/pipped dead, 1 live
40 – 93 shells, 25 pipped dead, 23 unhatched, 5 dead, 26 live
41 – 92 shells, 5 unhatched, 21 pipped dead, 27 live
42 – 78 shells, 7 unhatched/pipped dead, 5 live
44 – 94 shells, 28 unhatched/pipped dead, 3 dead, 34 live
Some inventories were on the scheduled date, some were before the storm urge and nest 37 was today.

Nests missing cages: 45, 46, 51, 52 & 53
Nests at public parking: 48, 49 & 50
Nests at east end by Baptist: 43, 54 & 55

All nest have been over washed and a couple look like they had standing water. Something that I have learned through my adventures in life is that if you have a negative person in the group, negativity spreads. If you have a disgruntled person in the group, nobody is happy anymore. As the leader of this group, I am choosing to be positive. We are not going to give up on any nest yet. The nests that have lost the cages, we still have a general or even good idea of where they are and we know from experience (nest 32) that it can still happen without a cage in place. We are trying to figure out a way to locate each nest as close as we can. We may end up putting green around an area as the day gets closer but every cage has green again today. I have pictures that I will share later. Remember that the overwash could add days to incubation.