Busy Morning – July 31, 2016

Morning patrol had quite a variety this morning. One 36″ false crawl under, at, through and around the pier.

Watched one hatchling into the water at nest #18.  Tourist had already watched 6 before patrol got there.  Today will be first emergence for #18.

One turtle carcass in front of the villas.

Nest #15 had 51 turtles emerge before dark last night and this morning had a depression and quite a few crab tracks.

Nothing at #10 and #14.

Inventory schedule: (Storms and rain are in the forecast this week.  No one should be on the beach when there’s lightning.  The shows goes on with a little rain. Use your best judgement)

Nest #14 Sunday – 7:00
Nest #10 Monday – 7:00
Nest #15 Tuesday – 7:00
Nest #17 Sunday – 7:30

false crawl at the pier
false crawl at the pier
On the way to the water
On the way to the water