False crawl – July 7, 2016

Only a false crawl today.  Nest #32 had a huge crab hole this morning.  Today is the 52nd day for nest #2.

For those of you that read the State Port Pilot, there is an article about us this week.  It is nice to have positive publicity and to give Duke Energy credit publicly for donating funds to lease our vehicle.  There was a couple of things mentioned in the article that I would like to clarify/correct.  I was quoted as saying it was a “rude awakening” but what I really said was a “real awakening” about the time it takes behind the scene to keep up with everything.  Also, it was mentioned that we logged 10,000 hours last year…we logged almost 4,000 hours.  It won’t matter to anyone but us, but I wanted you to know especially the number of hours that we have on record.

Stay cool and hydrate today.