Friday, August 12

WOW!  What a morning!

No new crawls, but LOTS of wind and sand!  Please check your runways, many are FULL!

Thursday Night:

  • Nest #30 Inventory (in the light rain)
    • Live- 4
    • Dead- 5
    • Pipped- 0
    • Unhatched- 8
    • Hatched Egg Shells- 119
    • Lots of excited families!!!

Friday Morning:

  • Nest #37 had some hatchlings emerge overnight and THEN 24 more came out at 7:00 with a very sweet lady watching with Morning Patrol!  She has been trying for 10 years to see a boil!  Pictures attached, Video to come later!
  • Nest #40 had a large depression and 1 hatchling track.
  • Nest #43 had a deep depression with cracks.
  • Nest #39 had a small depression behind the center of the nest, possibly crab activity.
  • Nest #41 had a large crab hole.
  • Nest #32 was dug into and poles knocked down by a 4 pawed animal!  The animal did not reach the eggshells.  Lots of paw prints.

We are supposed to get heavy rains today.  I know we need it! Remember that turtles can be sneaky in the rain!

#37 after overnight emergence, but before the morning boil of 24

During morning boil