Friday, August 2

The tide will still be high the next couple of days but I think we are past the worst as long as the wind cooperates.  Thank you for looking after our nests and each other.

Morning Patrol:

Nest #22 hatched and 3 hatchlings were still in the runway this morning

Nest #33 had 1 hatchling emerge

Nests #28 had more hatchlings

Nests 21, 39, 65 and 69 had crab tracks

Nesting site 2 flooded, NS 2 is fine

Last night:

Nest 37 was under water again but the others did okay thanks to volunteers and our volunteer families that helped us keep the water away.

Nest 22 had 2 teenagers that were determined to keep the water away and a couple of the volunteers from team 9 took care of nest 59.


Nest #23- 109 shells, 13 unhatched 4 pipped and 17 live hatchling