Friday, August 5

Again, no new nests or false crawls this morning.  Is this the end of laying?  We shall  see!

  • Nest #29 Hatched with 85 late last night.  Our loyal supporters, the Kos Family, went back out after midnight and were able to save 1 more hatchling from a crab attack!  
  • Nests #22 and #26 had more hatchings emerge overnight.
  • Nests #34 had a deep hole with lots of roots exposed.
  • Nest #35 has an indention that is getting deeper.
  • Nests #22, #25, #27 and #34 had crab activity.

Last Night’s Inventories:

  • Nest #21 Inventory
    • Live-2
    • Dead-3 (possible crab attack)
    • Unhatched Eggs-11
    • Hatched Egg Shells-117
    • They had a very nice crowd of observers
  • Nest #89 Inventory (relocated eggs from wild nest in Southport)
    • Live-0
    • Dead-1 (possible crab attack)
    • Unhatched Eggs-7
    • Hatched Egg Shells-7 (6 additional made it to the water that might not have!!)

Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done this last week!  Unfortunately, we are just getting rolling!  26 nests have hatched out of 93.  Please communicate with your Team Leaders and let them know when you are not available.

*This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03)