Friday, August 7

Well nest #63 today was safely placed way high in the dune near the Baptist walk over.  Her crawl was 34” and Jamie was lucky to have seen the crawl since she was dodging rain and storms on her walk.

There was a false crawl yesterday too right on the east side of the steps going onto the 200 walkway.

Status of nest:

I have a list by location and there are 5 nests at the east end that are probably gone, washed away.  I’m certain of the most eastern 2 but will try to look for the others when the sand dries some.  For those of you tracking, nests 27 & 19 have been marked as lost by tide/storm event.  37, 38 and 29 are the others to the east that are probably gone but not giving up on yet.  The other assigned nests that we have not located at all are nests 24 and 25

Some of the nests have been marked with a sign and no stakes.  Most of these are with the help of adoptees, vacationers or pictures and are marking the area the nest is located but the nest itself has not been determined.  Maybe after the sand dries we will find stakes or something. 

The nests that were dug up are being invaded by crabs now.  The sand is soooo wet!   Nest #18 was dug up by fox or something yesterday morning.  We counted 66 damaged eggs but there were still eggs in the nest.  There was a couple that had been punctured and you could see the hatchling moving so some are still alive down there or they were yesterday.

Our neighbors didn’t fair so well.  Oak Island only has 2 nests now, Holden has 4 nest left and Sunset Beach 2 nest incubating.

We have delivered green to nest 15, 16 and 17.  Nest 16 will be greening a big area but the other 2 had stakes in the ground.

I feel like I’m rambling.  Hope you are all doing okay.