Friday, July 29

It was a quiet morning with no activity, but last night was hopping!!!

Nest #14 had a nice Inventory with a couple of families in attendance.

  • Live Hatchlings-8
  • Dead Hatchlings-0
  • Unhatched Eggs-3
  • Hatched Egg Shells-111

Nest #15 boiled with 112 hatchlings within 9 minutes and 2 others later!

Nest #17 had a few come out earlier in the week and 78 hatchlings within about 30 minutes last night around 10pm.

Nest #19 had 1 more emerge last night. 

Nest #24 had 11 more hatchlings emerge last night with a few dozen respectful observers.

The sand is still blowing like crazy, especially in the evenings, causing havoc with our runways and nest tops.  Sure hope that calms down soon!  Teresa and I will be spending more and more time at Nest #9 (Day 64) now until it hatches. OKI’s Leatherback has not hatched yet and they are on Day 74! 

*This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03)