Friday, September 9

Thursday Night:

The higher than normal tide, almost full moon and Hurricane Earl made for a ‘Perfect Storm’ event. Last night’s tide was higher than some of our King Tides. We had enormous help from the community last night reporting over washes and collecting washed away green! Thanks to all the Turtle Ambassadors!!! Unfortunately, tonight is supposed to be a bit higher.

5 nests were slightly over washed (#78, #83, #86, #91 & #92), but hopefully will be ok. They have not hatched yet, so we could not excavate.

2 nests had their scheduled excavations as the water was covering the nest or in the runway. 1 other nest that had hatched was emergency excavated with approval by the State. Water had reached the nest. All had excellent stats!

  • NEST #66 INVENTORY (72+ hours)
    • Live: 0
    • Dead: 0
    • Pipped: 1
    • Unhatched: 5
    • Hatched Shells: 85
  • NEST #77 INVENTORY (72+ hours)
    • Live: 4
    • Dead: 0
    • Pipped: 4
    • Unhatched: 13
    • Hatched Shells: 94
    • Pieces: handful
  • NEST #70 INVENTORY (Emergency)
    • Live: 0
    • Dead: 0
    • Pipped:: 0
    • Unhatched: 4
    • Hatched Shells: 100
  • Pieces: handful

Friday Morning:

We had to do a walking brigade today (because of the incoming tide) to check on the nests.

There were no hatchling emergences overnight.

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03).