Monday, August 29

Sunday Night:

Nest #68 had hatchlings emerge between 8:45-9:30.  

Monday Morning:

Nest #59 had 2 crab holes.

Nest #62 was dug up by a canine and crabs

Nest #64 had a crab hole.

Nest #65 had at least 1 more hatchling track.

Nest #68 had 2 crab holes

Nest #69 had a canine (small paws) dig into the nest, did not reach the eggs.

Nest #73 has cracks in the dip.

Nest #77 has a SLIGHT dip.

Nest #85 had a crab hole in the center.

Tom and Barb came out this morning after the canine excavated part of Nest #62.  Their Inventory was scheduled for tonight, but they went ahead and completed what the canine started.  

  • Nest #62 Inventory
    • Live- 1
    • Dead- 0
    • Pipped- 2
    • Unhatched- 17
    • Hatched Egg Shells- 86
    • Pieces- 2 handfuls

We are putting a wire square over Nest #69 today because of the digging up.  If you have a large hole or crater and think wire is needed, just let us know.  

*If your nest is hatching and you have folks walking with flashlights shining, please nicely ask them to turn them off.  If your nest is not hatching, then we should let them be.  If they shine their lights at you, then nicely let them know you are sitting at a turtle nest and the area needs to be dark in case of emergence.  

*Shark fishing with bait/chum and bright lights was happening a lot during the weekend.  Martha spoke to the fishermen both nights, explaining the nests were nearby. The men were very nice and understood her concerns and stopped fishing.  There are no State or Local restrictions against shark fishing from our beach.  I have made our concerns known to Matthew and Joe at Caswell Beach.

*BUGS, BUGS and more BUGS!  If anyone has a remedy that really works, please let us all know!  None of the natural products or OFF type products I’ve tried have worked.

**This conservation work for protected sea turtles on Caswell Beach is authorized by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission (ES Permit 22ST03).