Monday, July 1

2 nest and 1 false crawl today.

Nest #64 was laid in the tide line at the last house on CBR.  We relocated 118 to the dune; 2 were broken in the nest and 36” crawl.

Nest #65 is located just west of the first house on CBR and had a 33” crawl.

The false crawl was east of the lifeguard stand and was only 29”

The tide was high last evening and will increase, being the highest on Wednesday and Thursday.  We were close on some and will most likely have some overwashed this week.  Today’s nest was laid inches from the tide line.

Nest count around us as of this email:

  • Bald Head -100
  • Caswell Beach -65
  • Oak Island -92
  • Holden Beach -64
  • Entire NC -1237