Monday, July 27

Nest #60!  She was just finishing up when morning patrol got there.  The nest was laid and 104 eggs were relocated to a safer location.  Her crawl was 33”

The BIGGEST news of the day is that nests 1 and 2 both hatched.  Nest 1 was during the night.  Nest 2 had 67 hatchlings between 10:00 and midnight and then more during the night.  72 days for #1 and 69 days for #2.

Nest 3 had several more come out during the night.

Nest 4 had lots more during the night and 1 dead hatchling in the runway this morning.

Nest 5 had 5 more

Nest 7 had 48 come out around 9:30 then a few more during the night

Nest 5 inventory results:  110 egg shells, 29 unhatched, 5 dead, 7 pipped and 6 live hatchlings