Monday, September 2

  • Nest 79 was dug into by a fox again.  It dug at the sides and was able to dig into the top through the cage.  It may be coincidental but we got a phone call that there were hatchlings in the street near the pier.  We put 3 more in the water.
  • Yesterday, collected a dead hatchling from the street near Ocean Greens.  Hatchling tracks behind nest 84 and 94.  It will be recorded as wildnest 105 and sent for DNA sampling.
  • Nests 94 and 97 have been seriously overwashed.
  • Nests 89 and 96 just lightly overwashed.


  • Nest 79: 107 shells, 14 unhatched, 1 pipped live, 1 pipped dead, 1 dead and 3 live hatchlings
  • Nest 81.  It had 38 hatchlings emerge during the high tide Saturday night.  The team kept the green secure and the water away for the night.  With higher impending tides, the nest was excavated Sunday morning early.  Inventory results: 57 shells, 43 unhatched and 8 live hatchlings.  This nest was invaded by a fox on 7/26 and 11 shells were recovered and 1 damaged egg was removed from the nest and buried with the shells. The hatchling from that damaged egg emerged last Thursday, made its way to the water and had us all puzzled as to where the tracks came from but finally finding the spot and finding the shells jogged all the memories.  Who would ever have thought that scratched open shell would have produced a hatchling.  Maybe it was the Harry Potter hatchling!
  • Nest 84:  132 shells, 126 dead hatchlings, 10 unhatched and 2 pipped.  It’s good to hope that the 6 made it out before the tide overwashed.  Too bad we didn’t see them emerging but the waves were raging.
  • Nest 87: 81 shells, 25 unhatched, 1 pipped and 69 live hatchlings that were tangled in roots
  • Nest 88: 107 shells, 8 unhatched and 7 live hatchlings

Please give your August time sheets to your team leader.  NCWRC collects the paper copies so if you choose to email the .pdf, I will print them again.

I hope that you are all preparing for the storm.  We are taking everything off the beach as we can.  There are several tools that we picked up along the way and you can go by town hall and retrieve them from the ATV.

All shirts have been taken to Caswell Beach Town Hall and can be purchased there.   $15 for short sleeve and $20 for long sleeve