Nest #21 hatched – August 13, 2016

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From Team 1:  Lots of action Friday night.  After several long nights of monitoring, we watched nest 21 boil–day 54–at 9:45 with 114 hatchlings.   After finishing at nest 21, we hurried to nest 23 to discover it had caved in—day 53.  It boiled with 99  hatchlings at about 11:40.  Those 99 hatchlings slept at the top of the nest for a while but once in the runway they were the fastest I have ever seen.  They were down that long runway and into the water in five minutes.

Nest 24 inventory results last night:  92 shells, 5 unhatched and 1 live

Nest 25 inventory tonight at 7:00

Morning patrol watched this little guy swim away from nest 21 this morning.

Nest #21 hatching