Nest #32 & 33 hatched – August 23, 2016

Exciting news for Skip & Barb’s team 5. Nest #32 hatched during the night
with lots of tracks. They accepted the challenge of greening a nest with no
cage. They went by pictures sent to me from a couple of tourist and marked the nest. I’m attaching a picture. Thanks for hanging with me on this one…even though I felt like maybe I had 3 heads. Inventory Thursday. We did locate the nest, watched one hatchling to the water, and put a cage over the nest.

Nest #33 hatched last night too around 8:30 with 104 hatchlings. Team 1
finished with them just in time to see 2 more emerge from nest #34.

Nest 30 had an indent again last night but no hatchlings

Morning patrol:

#35 had a crevice and crab tracks…probably all crab activity
#32 was wonderful
#36 had crab activity
#30 a little crevice
#34 had about 4 turtle tracks and a dead hatchling on top. We fought with the crab today.
#29 had a few tracks
#28 had 1 more emerge

Picture from hatching at nest #32
Picture from hatching at nest #32